A Bit of History about Halo (Salt) Therapy

The ancient Greeks first realized the amazing natural healing power of salt, with Hippocrates using salt for medicinal purposes.

In the 1840’s a Polish Physician, Dr Felix Boczkowski, published a paper detailing remarkably low incidence of respiratory conditions amongst his salt mining patients.

Throughout the Victorian era sea air was viewed as a highly beneficial way of relieving many illnesses and this is a tradition that Salt Revive continues.

How Does It Work?

Salt has five key properties which make it a useful health and wellbeing ally:

1/ It is naturally anti-bacterial.

2/ It is a natural anti-inflammatory.

3/ It is a natural anti-histamine.

4/ It is a de-hydrant.

5/ It helps to improve the effectiveness of mucus as a selective barrier against microbes (including bacteria and viruses).

These five properties combined can be powerful tools to help ward off and fight infection, as well as helping people to manage the symptoms of chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD.

In addition, athletes may find salt therapy useful as a part of a training regime, when striving to improve lung capacity and VO2 Max.

Therapy could also assist those looking to reduce recovery time after illness or injury. 

The Science

Polish physician, Dr. Felix Boczkowski, discovered that men working in the salt mines in his locality, suffered fewer respiratory problems than the general public.

In 1826 he introduced a brine bath treatment. Thirteen years later he opened the Brine Bath Plant in Wieliczka. He published the results of the research in the first Polish scientific dissertation in the field of saline treatment: ‘About Wieliczka in terms of natural history, history and bathing’ (Bochnia, 1843). He is considered the father of this field of medicine.

Since then, more research has been carried out on the topic. Consequently there are many contemporary journals, papers and articles which can be easily found online. For example:

i/ A Review of halotherapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (R Rashleigh, SMS Smith, N J Roberts, 2014), published in the International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

ii/ Protective effect of bronchial challenge with hypertonic saline on nocturnal asthma (MC Borges, E Ferraz, J Terra-Filho, EO Vianna, 2008), published in the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research.

iii/ Immune protection from an unexpected source (Anne Trafton, MIT Newsroom, 2012).

iv/ Study reveals salt’s role in infection control (Vinderbilt Univesity Medical Centre, 2015).

What is Involved?

Lie back, relax and just remember to breathe! Whilst undergoing our natural, drug free treatment, the air you breathe will be full of ionized salt particles that deeply penetrate your lungs. The antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties of the salt will help dissolve any mucus and kill micro organisms that cause infections.

We have sessions available for adults and children, whilst providing two very different experiences.

The adult sessions take place in a dimly lit, relaxing, calm, quiet environment. Sit back, relax and enjoy switching off for 45 mins whilst the salt particles work their magic.

The children’s experience is focused on having fun whilst improving their health.

Salt therapy is recommended as a supplementary therapy and should not replace any advised medical treatments or medicine