Corporate Salt Therapy

Employee Wellbeing Packages

Improve your employees health & wellbeing

Reduce absence and save money

Help your employees feel valued 

Salt therapy sessions available from just £10 per employee per month

Do you feel frustrated that your current employee wellbeing package isn’t working?

Are your staff:
• Worried about COVID?
• Taking lots of sick days for ‘coughs and colds’?
• Feeling demoralised and unengaged?
• Stressed?

Would you like:
• To improve your absenteeism rates?
• A happy, healthy, less stressed workforce?

Never before has lung health been so important, so a 100% natural treatment which can help improve lung health, reduce stress levels and boost the immune system could be just what your staff need.

Having used salt therapy myself for my reoccurring chest infections, I have gone from suffering with at least 5 a year – requiring time off work, antibiotics and steroids – to not having had a chest infection in over 3 years.

Improve your employees wellbeing with salt therapy


Reduce Stress

Spending 45mins in our candle lit salt rooms helps you to ‘slow down’, relax and feel less stressed.


Improve health

Salt therapy has been proven to improve health and boost your immune system. All this can only lead to reduced absence!


Help your employees feel revived

Where else can you boost your employees health, immune system and help them feel revived?

Build your own wellbeing package to suit your needs

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