4 x Private Group Session Monthly Package (For up To 4 People)


A family of 4 can enjoy the benefits of salt therapy with this voucher.


Experience salt therapy at Salt Revive, Beverley.

These vouchers are suitable for adults and children. Note that the family group must have at least one adult (16 + ) present. For larger families, an extra £10 will be charged for each additional person. You will be asked to pay this surcharge on the day of your first session.

For example, a family of 5 will pay the cost price + £10 on the day of the first session.

This voucher enables the users to enjoy a course of 4 private salt therapy sessions.

Note that salt therapy is not suitable for babies under 6 months old.

To maximise the effectiveness of the salt therapy it is recommended to commit to a group of sessions, which should be used within a short period of time. Our monthly packages are designed to enable this to happen.

A package is ideal for someone who has an underlying condition, which salt therapy could assist with.

Salt is a de-hydrant, an antihistamine, an anti-inflammatory and it has both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Please note that salt therapy may not be suitable for those who are suffering from:

  1. Any active phase of cancer.
  2. Tuberculosis (current or historic).
  3. A weak heart.
  4. A high fever.
  5. High blood pressure, which is not regulated by medication.

If you do suffer from any of these conditions, please consult with your GP before undergoing salt therapy.

Please note that vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase. Once commenced, all sessions must be used within one month of the date of the first session.

The gift voucher or email receipt must be presented on the first visit to Salt Revive, as proof of purchase.

The Salt Therapy Voucher will be sent out to the name and address on the purchase order. You can then complete it accordingly – even if it is a personal treat to yourself/yourselves!

The salt therapy sessions purchased with this gift voucher are to be shared between members of one family group only. 

To book the first salt therapy session please call 01482 679453 or email us on: bookings@saltrevive.com