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Salt Therapy Breathe easier, naturally

Salt therapy could:


Improve symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions


Improve lung health


Help boost your immune system


Ease hayfever and allergy symptoms

Try our natural breathing treatment

Improve lung health

Feel revived!


Life is too short not to breathe easy

Short of breath, wheezing, coughing constantly or having sleepless nights?

Looking for an alternative breathing treatment for asthma or dry cough treatment?

Is your condition stopping you or your child doing the things you love and getting you down?

You don’t have to feel like that – you could breathe easier

Improve your quality of life with salt therapy


Improve your health

Feel better, naturally.


Do the things you love

Go for that walk, shop with friends, play that round of golf!


Feel revived!

Cleanse, renew and restore your body.


Weak lungs?

Constant colds and chest infections?

We understand how it feels to have your breathing limit you, but not anymore!

We’ve helped reduce and even eliminate our customers hospital admissions
We’ve helped improve our customers quality of life

We’ve enabled our customers to go back to activities they love and live their life to the full

Once in our salt rooms, all you have to do is:


1. Breathe deeply


2. Breathe easier


3. Feel revived!

Adult Sessions



Children’s Sessions



Your first salt therapy session is half-price! Just £17.


We’ve simplified things and there is now just one price for an adult or children’s session.

An adult session = 1 adult

 A children’s session = 1 child and a ‘free’ accompanying adult

Standard salt therapy session – £34


Try one of our best selling monthly packages for the biggest savings and to receive the most benefit

It can take up to 7 sessions to realise the full benefits of salt therapy, although some people do see a difference straight away.

The monthly package is ‘activated’ when you have your first session and you have one month from that date to take all your sessions.

Plus monthly package – 4 sessions – £79

Premium monthly package – 6 sessions – £89

Unlimited monthly package – £104*

Strictly Salt Therapy 6-Month Membership – £88 per month

Salt Therapy Plus 6-Month Membership – £125 per month

* You must leave at least 48 hours between sessions

Here are some of your FAQ’s answered…

What is salt therapy?

Salt therapy has actually been around for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks first realized the amazing natural healing power of salt, with Hippocrates using salt for medicinal purposes.

You may have – as directed on the NHS website – gargled with salt water for a sore throat, or used bath salts to ease aching muscles. Great news ,these are both forms of salt therapy! We use dry pharmaceutical salt which our specialist machines grind down into tiny microparticles and disperse through a fan into the room. All you have to do is sit on recliner chairs and breathe in the naturally medicinal salty air.

What conditions could salt therapy help with?

Salt therapy could not only help to improve lung health but could also help to ease symptoms of the majority of respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis and emphysema.

It has also helped many of our clients suffering with sinusitis, constant coughs and colds and can even help to ease snoring! A lot of our customers use salt therapy as a dry cough treatment.

It could also help to ease symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

How does it work?

Salt is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and is a dehydrant. In the case of lung health, it could help to get rid of any bacteria or virus which is causing infection. Inflammation of the lungs or airways can be eased, making it easier to breathe and any mucus can be thinned, making it easier to expel. With skin conditions, patches of skin which is irritated and inflamed is eased by the anti-inflammatory properties of the salt and it helps to kill and bad bacteria on your skin.

How many sessions will I need?

This is completely dependent on the individual as everyone’s condition is different. It can take up to 7 sessions to realise the full benefits, but most will see an improvement in much fewer sessions.

Try one of our monthly packages to get the maximum health benefits at the lowest cost.

It is then a case of seeing how regularly you need sessions to help keep on top of your symptoms.

This could be anything from two, three times a week to once a month.

Those using salt therapy for a COPD treatment or chronic bronchitis treatment for example will likely require regular sessions to feel the full benefit of salt therapy.

What proof is there that salt therapy works?

There have been numerous clinical trials and medical studies done on the efficacy of salt therapy and further details of some are listed below in our science section.

We’re pretty sure you will have used some form of salt therapy at some point already though.

Have you ever gargled with salt for a sore throat (as recommended on the NHS website) or used as a saline solution for a blocked nose or even used in your bath to detoxify or ease aching muscles? These are all forms of salt therapy!

Think back to a time when you’ve just enjoyed a day on the beach. We’ll bet you felt relaxed and able to breathe easier. All down to the naturally medicinal properties of the salty air.

How are the adult and children sessions different?

Both sessions work in exactly the same way, but we use a lesser dosage of salt for the children which is why we have a separate room.

The adult’s room has been designed to give you an experience of pure relaxation, as well as giving you all the health benefits. It is softly lit, has relaxing music playing and candles and all you have to do it breathe deeply, relax in our recliner chairs and maybe even nod off for a short while!

Our children’s room is geared towards keeping them entertained so they don’t realise they are coming for their health, it’s just fun play time for them! We have a TV and encourage you to bring your own toys and even buckets and spades. We have 2 tonnes of salt covering the salt rooms here at Salt Revive and the children love nothing more than digging away and having fun during their session.

What events do you run?

We pride ourselves on been a centre for wellbeing and this means that as well as offering salt therapy, we have a variety of other therapists in our space who offer other treatments such as Thai massage, non-surgical face lifts and body sculpting, laser hair removal and a variety of holistic therapies such as Hopi ear candling, Reflexology and many more.

We also run special events in our salt rooms, during a salt therapy session so you can benefit not only from the salt, but the event taking place as well.

Our reoccurring events include ‘Salty gong baths’, ‘Salty Tai Chi’ and ‘Quantum Flow workshops. You can find more details on these in our ‘Events’ section.

Keep an eye out for future events as we’re always on the lookout for what other amazing ‘activities’ can be done alongside salt.

The Science

Below are links to just a few scientific papers exploring the efficacy of salt 

The effect of a dry salt inhaler in adults with COPD

This study investigated the benefits of dry salt inhalers to COPD patients. The researchers concluded that the inhalers “may prove to be a useful adjuvant therapy in COPD as far as effort tolerance and quality of life is concerned.”

Below is the link to read the full details of the study:

The effect of a dry salt inhaler in adults with COPD

Immune protection from an unexpected source

Through the course of this study by MIT, the researchers discovered that “salt has a strong effect on how effectively mucins block viral entry.”

 Below is the link to read the full details of the study:

Immune protection from an unexpected source

Study reveals salt's role in infection control

In this study by Vanderbilt University, “Researchers found that salt increased the activation of infection-fighting macrophages, a type of white blood cell.”

Below is the link to read the full details of the study.

Study reveals salt’s role in infection control

Efficiency of controlled halotherapy in rehabilitation of patients with occupational lung diseases

This study explored the effectiveness of controlled halotherapy (salt therapy) Occupational Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COLD) and concluded that controlled halotherapy an “effective method of rehabilitation and prevention in occupational COLD patients.”

Below is the link to read the full details of the study.

Efficiency of controlled halotherapy in patients with lung disease

The protective effect of bronchial challenge with hypertonic saline on nocturnal asthma

This study examined the use of saline solution (salt solution) by asthmatics and concluded that it “reduces the nocturnal worsening of asthma. This new concept may provide beneficial applications to asthmatic patients.”

Below is the link to read the full details of the study:

The protective effect of bronchial challenge with hypertonic saline on nocturnal asthma



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