A warm welcome to Salt Revive – Health Spa- Halotherapy Rooms

Offering ‘halotherapy’: a drug free treatment which imitates the micro climate of a natural salt cave.

For thousands of years ‘salty air’ has been a recommended form of health therapy.

Here at Salt Revive we recreate a controlled micro-climate to help you reap the benefits of this age old practice.

Call us on 01482 679453 to arrange a treatment.

  • Family sneezing.

Note that we will be closing for the festive period on Christmas Eve at 6pm. We will be reopening on Monday the 4th January at 10am. We wish you all a very happy Christmas!

Adult Session Times:

Monday Thursday Saturday
10.00:10.40 10.00:10.40 10.00:10.40
11.05:11.45 11.05:11.45 11.05:11.45
12.10:12.50 12.10:12.50 12.10:12.50
13.15:13.55 13.15:13.55 13.15:13.55
14.20:15.00 14.20:15.00 14.20:15.00
15.25:16.05 15.25:16.05 15.25:16.05
16.30:17.10 16.30:17.10  
17.35:18.15 17.35:18.15  

Child Session Times:

Monday Thursday Saturday
10.30:11.00 10.30:11.00 10.30:11.00
11.30:12.00 11.30:12.00 11.30:12.00
12.30:13.00 12.30:13.00 12.30:13.00
13.30:14.00 13.30:14.00 13.30:14.00
14.30:15.00 14.30:15.00 14.30:15.00
15.30:16.00 15.30:16.00 15.30:16.00
16.30:17.00 16.30:17:00  
17.30:18.00 17.30:18.00  

*Please note that we are currently closed on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Salt Revive Testimonials

Having suffered with lung infections all my life, I was still recovering from a virus 6 weeks after it had started. I thought I’d give Salt Revive a go, as the first treatment is half price, I figured I didn’t have much to lose, and I am so pleased that I did.
Clare and her colleagues could not be more welcoming and informative, and the premises are exceptionally well decorated and clean. The treatment room itself is incredibly relaxing, with comfy chairs, blankets and candles along the wall, you feel right at home, apart from the fact you’re sitting on a beach of salt!
The deep breathing they recommend you do not only helps the salt to be taken into your lungs, but also relaxes you, and I’ve ended up falling asleep at some point during every visit, which for someone who is a bit of an insomniac, is pretty amazing in itself. I am also a mature student and I found that if I had hit a bit of a wall with an assignment, I studied better after a session in the salt room and have started meditating because of that.
Apart from all the unexpected benefits, the difference a few sessions have made to my lung capacity is incredible! I can breath deeper than I have been able to in years and am no longer struggling every morning, having to clear the airways before being able to function. It has made such a positive difference to me, and I cannot recommend Salt Revive enough!

— Shelley

A lovely place and great staff! Me and my son have had a fabulous time today at sing and sign and of course he loved every minute playing in the salt! 🤗 A great idea combining the two as my son had no idea he was benefiting from salt therapy and Mummy can breath better too! My son was born with immature lungs so always picks up coughs and colds; so this should do the trick and help him feel better! Booked in for another session in two weeks!

— Michelle

Had a great session today at Salt Revive. Baby sing and sign with my daughter. She loved it, so did I learning to sign.
Great fun and highly recommended for both kids an adults. Not just the salt therapy (which was awesome for mine and Daisy’s colds) but learning sign language, helping my daughter’s development and communication skills. Highly recommended. We will be back

— Andy