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Salty Gong Bath

Our next Salty Gong Baths are scheduled for:

Sunday 28th April

Sunday 2nd June

Sunday 30th June

A gong bath uses healing frequencies and positive vibrational sound to help us to reduce stress levels, and create a deep sense of conscious well-being. ⠀

The Gongs can help ease you into a meditative state and coupled with the salt therapy also bring many other health benefits, often allowing you to breathe easier and just feel better.

Coupled with our cleansing salt therapy, this is truly a magical experience.


Our gong bath is usually held on the final Sunday of each month. Please consult our booking system and social media for updates.

Call 01482 679453 to book, or online via our booking system.

Gong baths are not recommended for if you have recently had an operation particularly with metal inserts, have a pacemaker, severe osteoporosis, epilepsy or severe mental illness.

Salty Tai-Chi

Salt Revive presents the ancient art form of Tai-Chi (Lee Style) combined with salt therapy. Classes are led by Tai Chi Master Black Belt, Ted Oxley,  

The art form creates a calm, natural balance of energy that consists of sequences of slow controlled movements.⠀⠀⠀

Whilst it is a form of self defense, our tai-chi classes are focused on improving flexibility, breathing and mindfulness; whilst also helping to increase physical energy and reducing anxiety.

Classes are held each Thursday at 12.30pm, and last for approximately 45 minutes.

£90 for 5 sessions (sessions must be used within 2 months) or £25 per session.  

You can book via the website booking system or you can call – 01482 679453

MArilyn Dean Smart Yoga

Salty Smart Yoga

Marilyn Dean joins us on the first Saturday of each month to lead our Salty Smart Yoga class.
Specialising in the Alexander Technique, smart yoga up-skills students with strategies to help reduce pain and stress, through improved posture and breath-work. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace, and to do only as much as they are comfortable with. Smart yoga can even be done seated, so a yoga mat is not a necessity.                                                                                  Classes are 60-minutes long and are held on the 1st Saturday of each month, at 11.45am. Classes are priced at £40 or £145 for a course of 4. Please book online or call 01482679453.