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Salty Gong Bath

A gong bath uses healing frequencies and positive vibrational sound to help us to reduce stress levels, and create a deep sense of conscious well-being. ⠀

The Gongs help you to clarify your thoughts, find direction in your life and visualize your purpose. Physical pain often feels reduced after a session too.

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Salty Tai Chi

Qigong, from which Tai Chi (qi) originates, is a discipline that involves the mind, breath, and movement.

It creates a calm, natural balance of energy that consists of sequences of very slow controlled movements.⠀⠀⠀

Designed to aid flexibility, improve breathing, mindfulness and increase physical energy whilst releasing anxiety.

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Salty meditation

It’s impossible for us to make our thoughts disappear; often, the more we try to suppress them, the louder they become.

Practicing meditation can help clear away the mind’s chatter.

Studies show that meditating even for as little as 10 minutes increases the brain’s alpha waves (associated with relaxation) and decreases anxiety and depression.

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