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Who we could help

how we discovered the medicinal properties of salt

Reduce symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions

Ease hayfever and allergy symptoms

Boost your immune
system and improve lung health

How does it work?

Salt is an anti-inflammatory

Salt travels deep into the lungs and airways and helps to reduce bronchial swelling.

Salt is anti-bacterial and anti-viral

Salt can kill micro-organisms living deep in your lungs

Salt is a dehydrant

Salt can help to thin out excess mucus, making it easier to expel.

What conditions could salt therapy help with?





Chest infections

Persistent cough


Cystic Fibrosis






We know how it feels to struggle to breathe

Hi, I’m Clare, co-founder of Salt Revive.

I have asthma, and always suffered from recurring chest infections, resulting in me struggling to breathe and needing antibiotics, steroids, and time off work to rest and help my body fight the infections.

It was in 2017 that salt therapy was recommended to me.

A huge sceptic, I had to be talked into going – I’d never heard of it, and how could salt help me breathe? – but following regular sessions, salt therapy completley turned my health around.

 My husband and I were so amazed by my results and our discovery of this age-old breathing treatment that could help improve lung health and treat the symptoms of various other conditions that we opened Salt Revive, our own salt therapy health spa in Beverley, in 2018.

Personally, salt therapy is the best natural treatment for asthma I’ve ever come across and the salt rooms also provide an amazing, relaxing experience and is also a great dry cough treatmet, so what is there not to love!

How did salt therapy help me?


It eliminated my chest infections

Since starting regular sessions, I’ve gone from having 5, 6 sometimes 7 chest infections a year to 0 in the last few years we’ve been open!


I no longer gasp for breath when exercising

My lung health has improved dramatically and I can even run (almost!) comfortably now


I feel revived!

It has given me a new lease of life and I feel so much better after a salt therapy session.

It is truly the best breathing treatment for asthma I’ve ever experienced.


I love the salt therapy treatment, it is just so relaxing and yes it does work!

I have severe asthma and after a bout of pneumonia last year I now have chronic bronchitis.

However after just 2 x 40 minute sessions my airways feel better and my peak flow has gone up dramatically.

So yes, I definitely recommend this treatment for anyone who suffers with a respiratory condition.

It even works for people who have sinus problems.

Linda Atkinson

This place is fantastic!

My son has always suffered from birth when he picks up a common cold, he gets a chesty cough and breathing difficulties too, therefore I was thrilled when I came across Salt Revive!

I always bring my son now when he is starting with a cold and it keeps us away from the doctors and hospitals!

The venue is so beautiful, clean and calming.

The staff are so friendly and always listen and offer great advice.

Would recommend this place.

Natalie Brooksby

I have a long lasting cough every time I get a cold until I attended Salt Revive this year. I cannot tell you the difference this had made to my life. My congestion is much relieved, easing my facial pain. I’m not coughing all night so I am sleeping much better. I can highly recommend Salt Revive. Oh and the staff are brilliant too, friendly and helpful, making you feel more relaxed and comfortable. I can honestly say it’s the best 40 minutes peace and quiet I have ever had. Thank you.

Linda Crichton

This is my second session at Salt Revive. I have suffered with eczema for a long time and doing my job as a nail tech my hands are always in and out of water and end up becoming very sore. After my first session I saw a difference straight away! I have tried so many creams and washes and they haven’t helped at all.

Salt Revive so far is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Jessica Peterson

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