Salt Revive, today celebrates a milestone of being open for five years.  

Salt Revive was opened by Clare Atkinson, an asthma sufferer, and her husband Will, in October 2018 after she discovered Salt Therapy as an effective treatment. Clare suffered endless chest infections and needed antibiotics and steroids to manage her condition. Despite her initial reservations, she was amazed by the results.

Since opening, both Salt Therapy and Salt Revive have increased in popularity as an effective treatment for adults and children for health issues including breathing and skin ailments. Over our five-year journey, we have navigated COVID, introduced new activities and services, and won awards.

During the first year of our journey, we welcomed hundreds of customers and undertook a renovation to offer new therapies and treatments. While 2020 brought its challenges, we kept in touch with our mainly vulnerable clients with postcards and salted chocolate to let them know we were thinking of them and were shortlisted for a Mumbler award.

Moving into 2021, we introduced salty Tai Chi, brought back salty yoga and focused into 2022 on travelling the country, giving over 35 talks including an International Women’s Day event in Scarborough. 2023 started with a bang, with them winning Best Salt Therapy Provider in the UK and the launching of our mobile therapy into care homes and community centres in the region.

Clare adds, “The last five years have been fantastic. From discovering Salt Therapy as a treatment to my own health issues, we have focused relentlessly on innovating our treatments and bringing salt therapy to those who need it. We are thrilled to reach this milestone”.