The Salt Therapy Association (STA), of which Salt Revive is a member, has launched a set of standards that all members are required to follow.

These are as follows:

Salt Therapy Industry Standards (STIS)

  • No halotherapy without a halogenerator. Dry salt therapy (halotherapy) can only be provided by utilizing a professional-quality halogenerator. 
  • Particle size. Salt particle size omitted from the halogenerator must be 5 microns or less (the smaller the better.) 
  • Enclosed space. Dry salt therapy (Halotherapy) can only be provided in an enclosed space to contain the salt particles in the area such as a room, booth, cabin, or other type of chamber.
  • Proper ventilation is required in the space to ensure proper air exchange.
  • Session length. The length of the session is determined by the cubic volume of air space in the enclosed chamber. Sessions can last from 10 minutes to 45 minutes or longer.
  • Pure-grade sodium chorlide. The only salt to be used in a halogenerator is 99.99% pure-grade dry pharmaceutical/medical sodium chloride (salt) – preferably certified for purity and quality such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) organization.
  • Salt décor is not salt therapy. Himalayan salt used on walls, floors, or as an architectural or décor element does not provide any direct respiratory health benefits, nor emit negative ions or other claims, even when heated.
  • Health claims and cures. Never claim salt therapy is a “cure” for any condition, nor use the word “heal” concerning salt therapy. Promote, market, and advertise appropriately and with proper disclaimers on the efficacy of salt therapy.

These standards have been produced in order to protect the integrity of salt therapy, as explained by one of the STA’s founders, Leo Tonkin:

“Misconceptions, along with false claims, have undermined the integrity of the industry. STIS is a collaborative initiative
that benefits the entire salt/halotherapy industry,” states Leo Tonkin, one of STA’s founding Directors. “Our goal is to
educate the industry on the importance adhering to consistent standards that maintain the industry integrity.”

The full article can be read on the STA’s website:

Salt Therapy Association Launches Salt Therapy Industry Standards